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    Well like I said previously, I got a very good deal thru retentions getting my 700 for $349. After seeing this thread I have tried 3 times with retentions to up my deal by letting me tradein my 650 for another $200-$150 credit with no go. Everytime they keep saying that I cannot tradein my 650 for more credit, so I guess I am stuck with what I have and will just sell it on Ebay, althought I have never sold anything on ebay before.

    Has anyone who already made a deal with retentions been able to go back and get them to take your 650 as a trade in for more credit?

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    I think besides good luck, the main reaosn why they allowed me to trade up is because I have had 4 or 5 Treo 650's under warranty replacement. If this is your 1st Treo 650 then you may be SOL. There are so many other factors involved too which may be outside of your control as well. How ling you have had your account, how much you spend, your contract, etc. But then again my bill is low, I always pay my bill late & I am out of contract but they did not require me to renew to get this deal. Go figure. Bottom line is keep calling back. If you have't gotten the deal you want you have't tried hard enough...
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    Thanks, my bill is about $110 a month family plan, always pay on time, but bought the 650 this past sept and was in a new two yr contract only 8 months old, and never replaced my 650, I am not complaining really, I took the $349 deal, just wish I could get $150 credit for the 650 to get rid of it easy, lol. Thanks for the info I might try again tomarrow, but three times today with a no was enough for me.

    How hard is it to sell the 650 on ebay?
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    he he he

    i got my 700p for:


    with an upgraded bundled plan and more features than my old plan
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    yeah yeah not really the same.
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    Ok the best I can do is $199 BUT I get to keep my phone. WOOHOOO! Time to ebay.
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    damn nice! details details
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    Nice dude...I was able to swing a Treo 700p from retentions for $300 stating that Verizon had 'em for $400 and was courting me with an extra $100 off...and she matched the $300 (shipped free and no tax)!

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    I am so happy, can I have everyone's Paypal address here so I can donate $1 to each of you? Oh joyous day - my life is good...
    PayPal address: lol
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    Man I had to call several times to get this done. Did you know they have Customer Service all the way in the Phillipines? Anyway, if you get one of those people, just hang up. They have no clue. So after about 4 calls to Customer Service today I decided to do the "Cancel Service" thing. Took me straight to retension. Basically I said I've had too many resets on my phone and my "p" doesn't work too well. (which are all true but livable). I mentioned instead of dealing with the 650 I'd like to swap it with a 700p. Was put on hold and when the rep came back he said he can't do a swap but can give me the phone for $199. I tried to haggle about getting a trade in value for my phone but he didn't budge. I really didn't want the hassle of selling my phone. But I agreed. I figured if I sell the phone for even $150 I basically pay $50 for the 700. So that's it. No tax, free shipping. I asked about the tax I paid for my first 700 order on my other line and he said I shouldn't pay tax and was told to call back later when I see it on my bill and they will adjust it. Very nice rep.
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    damn man well you outwitted me, azn!! congrats. I supposed I could have haggled more once she offered me that but I was so ecstatic & didn't want to ruin it...
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    good one!
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    I made two calls to retention tonight and need some advice. I have the old 2,000 minute shared plan with unlimited vision and SMS on both lines for $85. The first call I was offered the 700P for $325. The second call (and I was surprised to find that they had a record of the first call) I was offered the 700P for $325 plus free unlimited SMS and free powervision (essentially the same as my old plan but EVDO). The second call was a little used car like as he kept saying that the unlimited SMS and powervision were one time offers that would disappear if I didn't take them tonight. Both deals involved a 2 year contract (I'm currently out of contract)

    The sticking point is the price as I'm seeing some of you with deals of $199 or $275. The other contention is the contract as I see some of you get a deal without a contract.

    Any advice?
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    i got my treo today for $119.00. i ordered it over the weekend and it was shipped overnight yesterday. i went through rentions and paid $119, plus tax and shipping. i called and was going to cancel because of all the problems i have had for the last 7 months with the a900. i am NOT paying the monthly replacement service (lockline?)

    so i think the credit turned out to be $530.00...and i did NOT have to renew my contract and i keep the a900...which by the time ebay treo 700 will be free
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    We'll I called Sprint and and asked to cancel my account. The operator politely transfered me to the Sprint retension department . I talked to a very nice lady by the name of Mary and she talked me into giving Sprint another chance. Her tactics were straight forward bribery. $99 Treo 700p, $10 Power Vision, and free Unlimited Text Messaging. She also started my free Unlimited Text Messaging service right away; which was especially nice concidering I am $40 deep in texting fees half way through my billing cycle.
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    lucky you! lol thats tight
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    I am proud of you my young grasshoppers
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    Good going all of you... nice deals all around. I got mine for 299.00 and a sero plan which they gladly gave me without a hassle. I was going to sell my 650 but instead I gave it to my best friend because he had an old crappy nextel phone. I figure it this way, the money I am saving on the sero plan was more then enough... plus the 299.00 for the 700p was a decent deal for the first week of its release...

    All around I'm a happy camper with my 700p and nice little Sero plan... and my buddy is loving the fully stacked 650 I gave him... now he is a text messaging addict.. lol

    oh I almost forgot the 30% discount on every bill I get is pretty damn cool too especially with the unlimited text!! woot!
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    I got mine for $150.00 + tax (Freakin California). I too had to send back my 650 (which i did not want anyway since i have been through 8 since the day they came out). The first 700P they sent me was DOA, so I had to send that back as well.

    Anyway, I did have to resign a new 2 year deal, but no other carrier can beat the deal I got:

    1050 Anytime
    7 PM N & W
    Unltd SMS and Pciture Mail
    Unltd SPCS to SPCS
    Unltd Roaming
    FREEE EVDO for me
    FREEE Internet for my wife
    Total Bill (not including tax)

    I love the force Roam option, as San Francisco has many dead spots and Verizon works fine in those areas. Thank You Sprint !
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    Is anyone still getting these kind of deals for the Treo 700P through Retentions...?
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    I got a upgrade from a 650 to a 700p for $50 but its referbished through sprint insurance.
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