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    just got my 700p. and i need a good alarm software. i have/used-to have a samsung a920. and one of the best thing about the phone is that there's an alarm on it. you can set 3 alarms...and it's loud. i use it to wake up in the morning. i need something like that with snooze features. dont bring up the alarm that's on the world map...cause it's trash. what's out there? and hopefully something that i can use my own sounds with. thanks.
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    I like Palmary Clock Wireless, though you might find it a bit large & heavy, depending what your needs are.
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    Butler let's you have five alarms.
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    Treo Alarm.

    Next time, search.
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    Quote Originally Posted by khaytsus
    Treo Alarm.

    Next time, search.
    is it that serious?
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    mobileCLOCK (fka: Bob's Alarm")
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    WatchMaker is freeware...
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    mobileClock - Bob's Alarm - bunches of alarms, timers, lappers (don't go there). Very reliable and well supported. Bob has recently begun working to make it 700 friendly. Ben

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