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    I have a T600 and Verizon. I've been trying to move away from WirelessSync since I've had issues recently. By the way, if anyone knows how to solve this, please let me know!!

    Anyway, I've been trying out Chatter using the OWA component for about 3 days and while I like the design and the concept of the app, I've had some problems. Please let me know if anyone else has experienced these. Maybe it's because the OWA component is fairly new and has kinks?

    1. I recently sent an email to 5 people. I got a bounce back right away because after the 3rd email address and the comma, it truncated the text so the next email address only had the first two letters and then it ended. I went back and check the Treo Sent folder and the message looks just fine. In the treo sent folder the "To" looks like:,,

    But in the message that actually got sent if I look in Outlook's sent mail it looks like:,,,em

    ...and therefore the last "em" caused a bounceback because it doesn't know what it is.

    2. It recently confused 2 emails with the same subject. I received an email from Sender1 and a few minutes later from Sender2 both in reply to the same email to the subject lines were the same. In Outlook I red Sender1's message and deleted but on the device Sender2's email was the only one that showed up in the inbox. Then somehow during the next push after reading Sender2's email on the device it removed Sender1's email from my Outlook Inbox and to the Deleted Items folder. Therefore if I hadn't noticed I would have never gotten to read Sender1's email.

    3. This is the weirdest one yet. I emailed someone (new thread). They responded. The response showed up on my device (push). I opened the message and the body was HTML code but the strange thing was the body of what appeared to be the header of an email with a "To", "Subject", etc with names that I recognize from my company and a Subject that looked to be a corporate email but I don't think it was sent to me. And it CERTAINLY was not sent by my brother who isn't part of my company. I went on my Outlook and his email was there just fine with his reply. Did I get the header from someone else's email. I checked my Deleted Items to see if maybe two emails got jumbled that were sent to me but I didn't see anything that resembled the gobbly gook that was in the body of that email. REALLY WEIRD!

    4. The sending mechanism kinda stinks. In the 3 days I've had it I've sent a number of messages. It says "EXCH Send" which makes it look like it's sending. But if I check the Outbox the message sits there for a long time and never gets sent. I cancel and send again, I sync, I do everything I can think of. The only thing that gets it to send it soft reset and then Chatter fires up and it sends.

    5. Chatter seems to be...well...chatty. Is this true push using Chatter with OWA?? How can it be? How would OWA know to push an email to me. It seems to be very chatty with the network. On top of the chatty nature of the T600 on Verizon anyway I'm getting tons of calls going straight to voicemail. This doesn't work for me. Does anyone else find Chatter to be network chatty?

    Thanks for reading. I would appreciate some insight as right now WirelessSync is down for me and I NEED and email option. Again, my other thread is here if you have any inisight into my WirelessSync woes:

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    Wrong place for this message... And you should probably just send me an email (to; the OWA plugin isn't officially released yet. I also suspect you don't have a recent version; nothing you're seeing is typical.

    BTW, it really is TRUE push of OWA.

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    I'll certainly email you and I'm not trying to be rude but 3 things...

    a/ I looked on this board for an email app and folks suggested Chatter. When I had issues I came back here to see if others had these issues. I didn't realize that you personally were on this message board and could be emailed PM'ed.

    b/ I'm not sure why this isn't the correct place for this message. It's the "Palm OS Communication" forum which in the description includes email programs.

    c/ I just downloaded Chatter 3 days ago so I have the latest as of then.

    Thanks for your response. I will email you.
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    Only because I have my own forum here; the moderators usually move threads like this that pertain to individual issues.


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