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    I ordered my 700p from Palm for Verizon. While I can check the order on the Palm web site using the order number and link they provided me in the email, I would feel a lot better if I could see that Verizon had it as a order as well, particularly given that I'm switching a number over from Cingular.

    Anybody track an order from Palm to Verizon? How?
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    As of this past Friday 6/2 and still now (6/5) the Palm web order status was changed to "Carrier Credit Check". That's a hopeful sign. Has anybody yet received their Verizon phone?
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    On Sat (6/3) I received emails from palm, saying that my order had shipped, how to activate my phone ... the day before (Fri 6/2) they sent a note that i was approved by my carrier and an order confirmation.

    HOWEVER, when I go to the order status page on, my status is shipped but I don't have a tracking number. Will my phone show up today or tomorrow? Who knows?

    (n.b. they did charge my credit card on saturday...)

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