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    I have a Verizon Treo 650, ROM 1.04. It is running SMS version 1.01. I have 9 SMS threads. When I look at the RAM, I have 9 separate files that contain the text of the threads, as well as a master database file and a few ancilary SMS related files.

    My friend has a Sprint Treo 650 with, I believe, the latest ROM. He has about 9 SMS threads. However, his SMS software is version 2.0 and he has one large SMS database file.

    How is the SMS database structured on a Verizon 700p? Is it the single threaded databases of SMS version 1.01 or the new aggregated database found in SMS version 2.0?

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    Purchased a Verizon 700p. The SMS app is called Messaging, as it includes SMS and MMS. The version is 2.5. Does anyone know how to import the SMS threads from my 650's SMS 1.01 app?
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    Just spoke with Palm. They have no idea and are going to test and call me back. I find this quite surprising. Has no one who migrated from a Verizon 650 to a Verizon (or possibly Sprint) 700p brought over his/her SMS database(s)/chat threads to the new phone? Did every 700p user start new SMS threads on the new phone?
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    Palm called me back. They acknowledged that the SMS apps are different on the Sprint and Verizon 650s and said that they didn't think the SMS v1.01 generated threads could be imported/copied to the Messaging v2.5 700p database.
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    Any update on this?
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    No, no update. This is a done deal for Palm. I'm just surprised that no one else noticed this.
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    Personally, I prefer not saving my chat threads longer than a few days - saving them between phones is/was never an issue with me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Keefer Lucas View Post
    Personally, I prefer not saving my chat threads longer than a few days - saving them between phones is/was never an issue with me.
    Personally, I ever saved my message databases, since my first Treo 180 (I bought it in the 2001). Then, a Treo 270 and a Treo 600.

    Now I'm running on Treo 650, and ALL my messages (about 14.000) are on my pc! ;-)

    There are 3 kinds of sms database structures:
    The first one was used on Treo 180/270/300.
    The second was used on Treo 600 and some older Treo 650 (sms v 1.01).
    The last one is currently used on Treo 650 (sms v 2.0) and Treo 700p.

    These databases are totally incompatible, one on each other... :-(

    I worked on all these sms database structure, in the last year, and I can say you that a record "migration" from an older structure into a newer is a very hard, impossible, job! :-(


    Bruno Naglieri - Rome (Italy)
    Treodesktop developer
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    Thank you very much, Bruno. My search for an answer is completely over.
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    Bruno - With all of these on your PC, do you have any way to read them?

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