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    The 650 uses minutes from your plan when u use dial up networking. Does the 700p powervision plan do the same?
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    The 650 does not use minutes from my plan when I use dial up networking, I cannot speak for the 700p, however.
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    DUN should pull from your data plan. If you don't have a data plan, you will be charged per kilobyte. Or, something like that. Voice and data are two different things.
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    Well I think its a little different. My understanding is that when you call #777 to dial up sprint you will use your voice minutes (although you don't get charged for data). I know it uses my minutes on my sprint treo 650. Dialing #777 is like making an "anytimes minutes" call. But you are not charge for the data usage becuase of sprints data plan. I don't like this feature becuase on my Treo 650 it disconnects me after being idle a few minutes, i guess in order to not leave me connected all night and overcharge me.

    I was hoping this was changed on the treo 700p, allowing users to remain connected until they hit the disconnect button, no matter if the data connection is inactive.
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    I went back through my bills to look at when I know I was tethering, using the #777. It does not show up anywhere on my anytime minutes list. I went back 4 months and nowhere does it make reference to any type of call that would be used in this manner. I can look at my data used (on the phone) and after using #777, the kilobytes are higher. I'm not saying your wrong, but it looks like on my plan, that I'm using the data side when using #777.

    I am using PDANet to make the connection.

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