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    Something so obviously needed is amazingly hard to find. The closest thing I've found is the Nokia Multimedia Car Kit CK-20W which is not available until 3rd Q 2006.

    It looks like this kit will be compatible with other phones and players that have bluetooth capabilities. Has anyone found other kits similar to this? I'm surprised that Parrot hasn't come out with this yet.
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    The Alpine kca-100BT will add A2DP plus bluetooth headset to a normal Alpine head unit. The nice part is that it integrates with the head-unit as a CD changer, so you can change tracks and albums via AVRCP. Its supposed to be released in the next few weeks.

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    Looks nice. Too bad I don't have an Alpine head unit. :-/
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    Supposedly, the Parrot Rhythm N'Blue will have A2DP sometime around the end of the year.
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    I have the parrot 3100 - is a2dp something that can be added via firmware upgrade, or am I stuck?
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    Owners of the Parrot 3100 are probably out-of-luck (a semi-educated guess on my part).

    It's unclear whether just a firmware upgrade will be adequate for Rhythm N'Blue owners. I asked Parrot the following a few weeks ago, but didn't get any meaningful response:

    I see that your OEM CK5000 board lists A2DP,
    but apparently the Rhythm N'Blue doesn't yet support
    it, even though it's built on the CK5000 platform.

    When will you introduce A2DP for the Rhythm N'Blue,
    and will it work with existing hardware or require a
    new hardware version?

    The upcoming Sony MEX-BT5000 will include A2DP, and has great looks (for a price).

    More discussion of this topic in this thread:
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    The Sony MEX-BT5000 now seems to be generally available, both in the UK and here in the US:

    Only $320+shipping from one of Amazon's 3rd-party storefronts, or for $400 from Crutchfield.

    If anyone tries this please report your results (especially w.r.t. A2DP & SAG). It would be especially nice if one can select music tracks on the Treo from the Sony stereo unit.

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