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    My 650 is not syncronizing photos at all, ive done some searching on this forum but only found where the photos should be and none of those directories even exist (in my pictures or in the palm folder in program files). How can I get them to sync.

    Or if its not possible, how can i transfer files from my sd card from my phone to my computer. When I put it in the usb port (Sandisk 1 gb card with the usb flip) it dosen't show any files on it, however my phone shows and plays all my music that is on it and all the photos which were copied to it.
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    Media sync. For #2, a card reader or filez with Bluetooth or even Palm File Browser. Ben
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    what is media sync? i'm in the same boat. i even completely uninstalled the palm desktop and reinstalled, which worked for another forum user in a thread i found. very frustrating. i finally used filez to copy the pics to my card and then used a card reader on the pc to copy the files from card to pc. sorry *ss two step process for something that should be automatic (and used to be!).

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