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    I received my 700p from Palm and I was pleasantly surprised that the battery had a full charge. I called to do an ESN swap and as expected I got the speech from the rep about how I needed to change my Vision to a Power Vision pack. Since I did not want to lose my grandfathered unlimited text and $10 download credits I told her to not touch my plan and if it didn't work I would call back and upgrade my Vision pack. We did my ESN swap and it went through instantly. Vision also provisioned instantly so I was pleasantly surprised. So yes, if you are not using any upgrade rebates the old Vision packs will work just fine.

    I am coming from a Sprint 650 so I will mostly be comparing to that. The keys seemed more awkward to type but I am slowly getting used to it. The camera is much much better than the 650 especially when taking shots in lower light. So far the battery life and the screen brightness seem worse than 650.

    Streaming video with Blazer and Sprint TV is just awesome. Blazer is just a godsend. It now makes Xiino obsolete and Blazer performs great even in non Power Vision areas.

    On Demand was a nice bonus. The new available memory is just something that I just had to pinch myself to believe. After being used to seeing 5 or less available MB even with a launcher and now seeing 45MB or more of available I am just about to cry with joy....

    The general navigation through the apps is just plain snappy and much better than the 650. The stability is just much better with zero resets so far.

    I decided to hotsync only my PIM information and reinstall 3rd party apps one by one and so far this method has worked well.

    One great thing too is the ability to lock the phone on roaming only.

    While they seem like minor improvements to the OS Palm has done a great job of improving the stability and speed of the OS. So far I am very happy with the Sprint 700p.
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    Overall, I'm happy, too. I would be happier if Sprint had an EV-DO tower around where I live and work. Maybe in the near future..

    The only thing I would disagree with, though, is the camera. I held up my 650 and 700p, at night, and took a picture on each. The 650 camera image seemed *much* brighter and clearer than the 700p.. apparently, you had a different test/opinion?
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    Yeah, the low-light sensitivity of the camera is really bad. I didn't have a problem with clarity, but my 650 had a much more sensitive CCD.
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    how are the lag times between hitting the hard buttons? My Vz 700p takes a while to switch apps from button to button.

    For example - from home calendar button (assigned to Agendus) to mail button (assigned to chatter), it takes 4-5 secs.

    Also, while in blazer, upon exiting, it takes a full 6-7 secs to change views.
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    Details don't sound anywhere near as terrible as the issues the 650 had on release. Hopefully the "user beta testing" will result in some firmware fixes for these issues in prompt order.
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