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    Activated 700p this morning. Phone and SMS work. No powervision yet. Been 6 hours. How long does this take, and should I call Sprint yet? Thx
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    Mine was almost instantaneous... although I did switch service from a Treo 650 to a new 700P.
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    The rep who just sold me one said it could take 5-6 hours, but after I got out of the store, the phone started prompting me to provision it. After a while it said I was set up for "Vision" not "Power Vision" so I'm wondering if there's still something more it has to do. I haven't tried doing anything on the phone now. It's safely tucked away in a cabinet at work as I try desperately not to think about it until I get out.
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    Cool.....just came online. Fast too!
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    Mine was instant. After I got off the phone after doing an ESN swap I made a test call to my voicemail. Since that worked I proceeded to provision Vision and after 45 seconds I was surfing. I also came from a Sprint 650 to a Sprint 700p.
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    About 45 seconds for me too
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