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    I plugged in my 700p to the computer, and am having difficulties making the computer recognize it as an MTF device. When it finally does, it took nearly 5 minutes to transfer one song to the 4GB Transcend card.

    Can anybody think of a better way to do this, or perhaps a device driver to the MTF device so the USB will transfer at a decent rate?
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    if youre just trying to do a simple file transfer for mp3s get a card reader. trust me itll save you a ton of time.
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    ^ i second that. much much faster.
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    No, it should go faster than that. Did you try installing the PocketTunes application to your computer? Connect the Treo, open Windows Media Player, open PocketTunes and the MTF should activate. Do you have the right settings in PocketTunes? Check the Copy from PC option in PTunes.

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