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    We have learned that GoodLink changed the way it redirects data over Verizon's network in version 4.8. I have read that 4.8 changes the screen timeout to 20 seconds regardless of preference settings on some Treos. I see that messages sent to a Cingular branded Treo 650 are truncated vs. an unlocked GSM Treo after both were updated to 4.8.

    Since none of these changes have been directly communicated by Good (GoodGuy did give info on the Verizon changes after they had been discussed here & Good customer support sent me a copy of the internal communication detailing the Verizon changes), I am wondering what other changes have been made to the 4.8 client that have not yet been communicated.

    GoodGuy, is it possible to get a list of all changes to the client? I would have thought the Verizon changes would have been listed in the 4.8 Release Notes, but I never found mention of them.

    It almost looks like GoodLink feels they have something to hide. Not sure why they would do that...

    Thanks in advance.
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    Outside of what is in the release notes, I don't know of any other client changes. The screen timeout is the first I have heard and haven't noticed it least I didn't as I am running 4.9 now...before you ask, I don't see any new features or functions ... And regarding truncated messages, there is a setting in the GL Management Console that determines how much of a message to send before requiring the "more". Outside of that, I haven't heard of any truncation (is that a real word?) issues.

    Regarding the Verizon issue, I can't address why that was not put out there outside of the fact that in speaking with the folks on our Verizon team, they (VZN) knew about it prior to the launch.
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    Thanks as always for the fast reply. I checked my GMC and do not see any options for the size of messages that can be sent, only the size of attachments (set to Unlimited). Regardless, I did not make any policy changes prior to the server update to 4.8 or the individual client update to 4.8. Just seems weird that this is happening to only a Cingular branded Treo 650, so I wanted to see if anything special was done with them too.

    I will follow up with Good support to see if I am missing any settings on my GMC.

    Since you put it out there....when will we see 4.9??
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    Under the Global Policies section, the Sync Control Tab, there is a check box that allows larger than 2KB chunks to be sent. Check and see if that box is checked.

    As for 4.9, I have no idea. I was under the impression that 5.0 was the next release. They tend to use us as guinea pigs
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    Thanks. Under the Sync Control Tab I only see an option for Enable larger "More..." requests. According to my Admin guide that only increases the size sent when you hit the "More" button when you get a truncated message. My issue is that some Treos get the full original message while others don't. I suppose this could be due to the amount of GoodLink data on the handhelds, I will need to check that.
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    Are these new emails or older emails? At intial provisioning, only the headers in emails in the folders are sent. New emails that are moved to folders, the entire message is synced.
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    New emails sent directly to the inbox (no rules to move to a subfolder). A message is sent to both my Treo and the one in question. My Treo shows the whole text body while the other only shows some of it with the "More" option at the bottom. If that message is forwarded to me, I see the entire message that was sent from the other Treo.

    This was not happening on the Cingular Treo when originally set up (July 2005), only after sending the 4.8 update.
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    Wow. Have not heard anything like that before. You have two Treos running GoodLink off of the same Exchange account? Or is it a forwarding rule? Feeling a bit confused on this one now..
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    Sorry for not being clear. We have over 200 GoodLink enabled devices (potpouri of Treos, PPCs, and SmartPhones...).

    I have one person with a Cingular Treo 650 that was provisioned in July of 2005 and was recently updated to the 4.8 client about 1 week ago. My unlocked GSM Treo 650 was updated to the 4.8 client about 2 weeks ago (the joys of being the company guinea pig).

    Each is tied to a separate Exchange account. No rules forwarding from one to another.

    My unlocked GSM Treo gets messages just as before. The updated Cingular 650 gets the "More" option on almost all new messages. If the Cingular 650 forwards a truncated message to my unlocked 650, I see the whole message (not truncated and no "More" option). If we are both included in a message, my Treo shows all the text and his is cut off with the "More" option to get the rest.

    It appears that less data is being sent to the Cingular phone after the 4.8 update. He was not getting this on the previous client.

    Does that make more sense?
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    Much clearer, but I cannot even begin to explain why it is working that way on that phone. Have you called Tech Support?
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    That is my next step. I wanted to make sure that no changes were made to the way Cingular data is handled as was the case with Verizon.

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    There is none that I know of.

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