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    Just wondering if anyone activated their sprint phone through the web page? ( ) I tried calling their number to activate and could not get through, so I decided to try the web page. It went pretty good, but it said it could take 3 days to complete the transfer of my existing number. That does not give me a good feeling, but it also said I would get a $250 credit on my bill for signing a two year contract. When I called back the sprint number I was told if I activated it over the phone I would only get a $150 credit. So I left the web page activation in place hoping it works and hoping I get the $250 credit.

    Anyone else have experience activating this way?

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    2 choices -- you can activate through sprint and then call back retentions afterwards and tell them if you activate through Palm you will get $250 service credit. I did this (by accident - not intentionally) and retentions gave me the $250 credit -- I said I could cancel my account I had just set up and do it through Palm if they wouldn't give me the credit.

    Or do it through Palm and wait -- I think it goes through in less than 24 hrs. I had an email conversation with a rep from the Palm activaters that was going to process mine if I had to cancel with sprint.
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    Contrary to what some people wrote on another thread, this didn't seem to have anything to do with credit. They say they just don't have the activation information for the new phone. They told me to go to a Sprint store.

    I looked at the portal page, but it seems to only accomodate new accounts or adding lines... not replacing an existing phone.

    This sucks...


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