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    I'm a Kyo 7135 refugee, who REALLY liked to flip form factor. I'm now moving over to the Treo since there no hope of a flip phone any time soon.

    I've been looking over the selection of the 'flip' cases for the Treo in the TC store. But I'd like to hear from those of you who own flip cases to tell me which one you like and why.

    Flip up vs. Flip down?

    Able to synch/charge w/o taking out of the case?

    Camera accessable?

    Buttons on side/top accessable?

    flip cover protects screen adequate? (I drop my phone ALOT!)


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    Vaja is IMHO the best case made. It flips down, protects the Treo well, allows full button access. But you cannot sync in a cradle while in the case -- you have to sync/charge with the cable.

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