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    My phone went roaming today, I presume onto Verizon's network. When I went to pull down a web page it told me that I was roaming and extra charges might apply. I told it not to because I didn't want to risk it. Questions...

    1) Is the ability to data roam new with the 700p?

    2) Does it actually work? Specifically, can/will a Sprint 700p make use of Verizon's Ev-DO network? Or do those two companies not have any agreement for this?

    3) If I have free roaming and unlimited Ev-DO on Sprint can I do this without being charged extra? If there is an added charge, how much is it?
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    Data roaming is not available on Verizon but starting July 1, data roaming (EVDO and 1xRTT) will work on Alltel's native network at no additional charge. Ditto for Bell Canada EVDO/1xRTT. Word is, Mexico EVDO roaming also coming to Sprint sometime this year.
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    Thanks. Where does Alltel have coverage?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott R
    Thanks. Where does Alltel have coverage?
    Try this link.
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    I'm in Toronto, and although I see the EVDO icon in the phone app, I cannot connect to "Power Vision". Called Sprint, they were useless on the phone. It's supposed to work in Toronto, but it doesn't
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    Sprint's first line of support probably has no clue about data roaming. Try the tier 2 data group... 1.866.818.1944 (long wait)

    You might have to sign up for International roaming for it to work. Then again, some have got the data cards to work in Mexico with no International roaming option setup.
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    Good thread Scott!

    Currently, when I'm roaming, I can't connect to PowerVision for data. It tries and then times out with a password/login error. That's great news if it will roam on data for free!

    There is a workaround in some cases. If I'm on the edge of Sprint data coverage, I find that I can manually disable roaming from the phone roaming options, and then it will find the weak Sprint data network and not try to roam. But you have to be close enough to get a signal. I guess the phone jumps to roaming if the home signal is weak, even if it's not completely gone. Kind of a pain to set and reset the options, but it's a workaround that helps when I really need it.
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    More here on Canada/Mexico roaming...
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