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    I'm having a strange issues with Chatter on the 700P. Anyone else seen this.

    For some reason, all the messages in my summary dispaly disappear. The color coding for each folder is there, and it looks like the message should be there, but there is absolutely no actual email. I've tried reloading the mailboxes, and it works for a while, and then they disappear again.

    Any thoughts.
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    Sounds like an SD card issue.

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    Well, since i posted...i haven't been able to duplicate.

    The SD card is relatively new, so i hope not. But i'll keep monitoring and see what happens.
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    Thats weird... I've got the same thing going on...
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    What exactly is going on? I'm pretty sure SailRace's problem was SD card related.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chatter
    What exactly is going on? I'm pretty sure SailRace's problem was SD card related.


    I had the same problem a couple weeks ago, figured it was an SD card issue. Last week started getting an error in my SD card to the effect of "Card not recognized, would you like to reformat" (not a chatter error). I could see everything intermittently on my card reader. Long story short is the card is on its way out and being replaced by Lexar under warranty. Living on a 256 MB card in the interim.

    As an aside, for a couple months I was seeing random messages written to RAM rather than my SD card for no reason. I should have seen the writing on the wall. But kudos to Chatter for so easily writing to RAM without any problems if the SD card is not available and not throwing any errors.

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    Okay, so I took my card out and put it back in and the messages reapeared... weird.

    I am also getting a low memory status from Chatter, when there is pleanty of memory... 40 some megs free.

    The only change I have made is moving from a 650 to 700p.

    Any thoughts?
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    Hmmm... I think I'm having a related/similar issue. I'm seeing messages appear - unread - but in the section for a few days ago (summary view). THe date on the message says today, but is in the wrong section (date section) in the summary view. Wierd...
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    I'm just wondering if there are unknown changes with the 700p that's causing all this...
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    When Chatter says "Low Memory", it is NOT referring to what you see as 40mb free. It's referring to dbCache or dynamic heap, which are used by running applications. These are NOT significantly bigger on the Treo 700 than on the Treo 650. The "mem" command in the Console in ChatterEmail will show how much memory remains in those areas.


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