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    Are there many or any differences in the desktop software between the T650 and the 700's?
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    I'm interested in knowing this far I just did a full restore from my T650 using an SD Backup and BackupMan...won't be hotsynching anytime soon, but this info will help.

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    I've only noticed very minor differences between the various releases of Palm Desktop. Granted that may be attributable to my relatively simple needs: contact and file syncing.

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    Can anyone report on this? I am going home tomorrow to my Treo 700p. Is there any point in installing the software CD? Palm Desktop, Hotsync, other stuff?
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    I'd install the version that comes with the 700p.
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    Uninstall your old Palm software and any Palm software that installs its own hotsync conduit. Then install the Palm software from the 700p's CD. There are new hotsync conduits added to the software that comes with the 700P.

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