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    Did a search, and couldn't find my problem...
    I can charge my phone with the chargers running through my hotsync cable.
    however, when connected to my pc the hotsync cable does nothing.
    I hit the button, and nothing...
    I manually start a hotsync...and nothing.
    I dropped my phone for the 100th time yesterday....but all is intact.
    In the past it has taken me a few tries each time I want to hotsync to get it to work..My question is you think its a cable issue or phone issue? BTW I am on my second cable.
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    palm said get it verizon is replacing it.
    it only syncs if i bend the phone and cable and hold it....
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    That's the clue - change the cable. If that does not do it, then the contact inside the Treo itself is broken. Ben

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