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    I just received my replacement JX 10. My first one had the hissing problem. And so does the replacement.

    I do know that some high headphones have break-in periods. I'm wondering since the Jabra is a highend headset with DSP, if this might be the case.

    Can anyone confirm this theory of mine? Did your JX 10 headsets get better with usage?

    I know people have reported no hissing right out of the box but wondering what the masses have experienced
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    No hissing out of the box here- ONLY when I've maxed the volume or turned it up too high.

    There is a BIG improvement using the Jabra JX10 on a Treo 700P as opposed to the Treo 650- better handling of calls (faster transfer to headset and pairing), less static, and I can move over 20 feet away and still talk on the headset without interruption.

    No break-in period either- it just works.
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    Dont think there is any such thing as a break-in period. These are solid state electronics, they either work or not, assuming no software issues on the phone end. That said, my Jabra jx10 worked perfect out of the box with my Treo 650. Think you have had some bad luck.
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    Same here... my JX10 worked right out of the box. I have not experienced the excessive hissing people are reporting. I AM experienceing the static when the Treo is on the opposite side of my body of the JX10. But that is a Treo phenom.
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    are you guys using the earloop or just popping your jx10s into your ears?
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    I use the earloop with a mini-gel. I have tried it w/o the loop and it is still comfortable but I do not have the same confidence as I do with the earloop on. With the mini-gel I get a volume boost that is well worth it when outside.

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