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    The version of the Kinoma player included with Blazer seems to supports more file formats then the current version of the standalone player 3.1.1 - at

    Its crude but should work as a local player, but I am having no success. SD card access works just like it did on the 650:


    Where movie.mp4 is located in the root of the SD card. Kinoma lauches but every .3g2 .mp4 I try on and so forth - I get the error unsupported format.

    Any ideas?

    PS- when you lauch the streaming player for the first time it shows a link to: ... but it is a broken link ...hrrrmmm

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    The Kinoma Embedded Player on the 700p only does streaming.

    Local Playback is handled by the other media players in the ROM. The current retail Kinoma Player 3.1.1 EX does not support RTSP streaming but will play the Local 3g files on your SD card. On the 700p there is a bug in Kinoma Player 3 that says it won't work but if you ignore the warning, it will still play the local MPEG 4 / 3GP files. Looks like Kinoma fixed your link.
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    So even though the streaming player built in to Blazer has the "upgrade" link on the splash screen, the upgrade that they offer is just to get Producer 3 and stand-alone player 3, right? There is no mention about upgrading the streaming player for enhanced features on that HTML page that I see...
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    I'm confused. So in other words there is no way to play .mp4 or wmas from an SD card on the Treo 700p?

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    You can play MP4s .... with Kinoma EX ...but you have to use a specific codec that Kinoma producer lets you contert your movies to for local playback.

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    I would expect that that "upgrade" link will turn into a 700p player upgrade, shortly after they announce some new Kinoma player product that was due... some time back as I recall.

    It appears that Palm did not build it in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Treolo
    So in other words there is no way to play .mp4 or wmas from an SD card on the Treo 700p?l
    MP4 files are supposed to work in the built-in Pics&Video application.
    Even from SD.
    Did you try that?

    AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $WMA$ $files$ $on$ $SD$ $can$ $only$ $play$ $in$ $Pocket$ $Tunes$. $But$ $I$'$d$ $be$ $happy$ $to$ $be$ $wrong$ $about$ $that$.

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