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    Just wanted to confirm compatibility of the 700P with Orb. For those of you who aren't familiar with Orb it is a free(at least right now) web based multimedia streaming service that installs a little utility on your Media Center PC enabling streaming of live and recorded TV(including tv guide and ability to change channels), photos, home videos, and music. It is similar to slingbox but uses a media center PC instead of a dedicated hardware box.

    I have confirmed that the Kinoma player built into the 700P can display streamed live and recorded TV, pictures, and even drm encrypted songs downloaded with Yahoo unlimited music to go!!!! Wow! I can now stream my entire music collection which is mostly from Yahoo unlimited to go(not purchased, just subscribed!!) This is truly worth the upgrade especially since my GPS cradle from Seidio doesn't work!!!!
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    No Wayy?@!?!@?@!?@?@?@?

    Time To Try It Nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Thanksss
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    ...i got unsupported video format with my tivo anywhere???
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    this is not like slingbox at all!! you cannot pause, rewind, fastforward, etc on Orb. Also it only let's you see stuff on your computer. Slingbox let's you view everything on your tv whether it is live or tivod. Orb is lame & that is why it is free.
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    i have both slingbox and orb. i agree slingbox is far better.

    but this is a BIG step for us palm users!
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    By "only let's you see stuff on your computer" do you understand that a media center PC is connected to a TV signal? In my case I have it connected to a dish receiver so I can switch between any of the hundreds of channels in the online guide and watch live programming or watch shows recorded on the media center as well as all of the other multimedia. In fact, you can pause the recorded programming just not the live TV stream. Can your slingbox stream yahoo DRM encrypted WMA files? Have you tried it with your 700P yet? With Orb, the price is certainly right(currently) and I think the functionality is incredible. The slingbox is great too but they each have their own advantages and disadvantages. A statement like "Orb is lame" is baseless IMHO.
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    ttoppins: tell me what you did.

    i am getting "video not supported"
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    I get the same error with orb
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    Hmmm, maybe it is a codec problem. I didn't do anything special on Treo side. Have you tried making sure your Orb is the most recent version?
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    updated my orb, and it works!!

    I do not currently have a TV card installed, did you try it with a live tv card???

    --i am loving my 700P MORE AND MORE because of this!!!
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    Great news! Now if Slingbox would do PalmOS support.
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    Two questions about Orb - is there a more Treo friendly display that I'm missing? The display isn't the greatest as compared to Gloonets display on my 700. Line and icon display is all mixed up. Second, I assume we still have no way to turnoff the screen while it's playing - correct?

    Next, I tried Gloonet and couldn't get it to do a thing on my 700. Worked fine on my 650 though. Anyone had any luck with it?
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    I can confirm tivo anywhere and mp3 streams work with orb.

    anyone got a live tv card installed and working??

    if it works, I will order a card from and set this baby up!!

    --guess I also have to buy the deluxe ptunes upgrade code now...
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    Is there supposed to be a Slingbox for Treo/Palm anytime soon (or ever)?
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    Quote Originally Posted by trim81
    I can confirm tivo anywhere and mp3 streams work with orb.

    anyone got a live tv card installed and working??

    if it works, I will order a card from and set this baby up!!

    --guess I also have to buy the deluxe ptunes upgrade code now...
    Yep, I have the tv tuner card that came with my hp media center pc. I am streaming live Dishnetwork programming just fine.
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    still LAME to me
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    Orb is truly awesome... In fact, the reason I ditched my Treo 650 and went with a normal EV-DO phone (Sprint A920) was because the A920 could play Orb content off my MediaCenter (including live TV and a home webcam), while the 650 couldn't. The addition of streaming capabilities to the 700p is huge.

    Orb has a test website, if you 700p owners want to try it out:
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    holy crap - orb works pretty good!
    to get it to work:
    In orb, under tools> be sure to set your preferred media type to 3gp* and adjust your network speeds for maximum viewing pleasure, its the next best thing till we get slingbox.

    Man, working overtime never felt so good!
    edit: screw sprinttv - i ordered the adultswim channel and l get is three or four 1 minute clips bahh
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    I have mine working now. Holy cow. This is the coolest thing I've ever seen.
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    How do you adjust the network settings?

    I'm getting an insufficient bandwidth error as I try to play a movie, and the movie is showing in choppy frames?

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