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    I was trying the camera on the 700p and I am real pissed look at the quality I am getting. Is my particular camera screwed or others are similar.

    1st one is my 700p
    2nd one is marcus's (when we had requested some pics)
    3rd one is my 650
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    I would try a pic outside. Indoor lighting doesnt do any camera any justice without some flash.
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    Quote Originally Posted by t2gungho
    I would try a pic outside. Indoor lighting doesnt do any camera any justice without some flash.
    I will try that tomm during the day.
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    Its a cellphone camera, I wouldn't expect much out of it, I think what you got was good considering it's a cellphone.

    I don't have a 700 yet, hopefully mine shows up tomorrow, but is there not a way to adjust multiple settings on the camera, for daylight, low light situations and white balanace and so on?
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    That looks like it was taken in pretty low light. As far as picture quality goes, it looks much better than the 650 picture. It won't look at good as Marcus' picture for 2 reasons. One, his was obviously taken with a great amount of lighting, and two, his picture involves a lot of colorful objects, which are going to make the picture look better. End of the day, though, cell phone cameras were meant to be a gimmic and now they are standard. They aren't going to be great quality. The lens on them are very poor, and won't be able to get much better at the moment. Think about it, if we could have high quality cameras in such a small package, we would all be carrying around button sized cameras, intsead of just pocket sized.


    Just in case anyone questions, "What about the newest camera phones that are in preproduction and expected to have up to 8MP, like that from Samsung?" Well, the pictures will be bigger and more saturated, but the picture quality isn't going to be that much better. The amount of MP mostly depends on the processor. You could have an 80MP camera and it's still not going to look wonderful if you have a really crappy plastic lens. It's just the nature of small cameras at the moment.

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    Alot of it is based on the utility that you have to customize the settings for photos. Camera phones don't have much of that control because they're just meant to be a camera phone to snap a quick pic here and there. You can get quality with 1.3MP if you have the tools to adjust the settings. Is there not a good utility that can do this with the Treo cameras?
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    There are now several smart/feature-phones on the market with good cameras. We should stop making excuses for Palm. They had 18 months to come up with a truly upgraded camera and they didn't.
    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.

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