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    I have a delay using Blazer but people across the board are having this problem. The Treo 700p was released without killing all of the bugs. There is a "Hang time" when switching apps. While I can't confirm that R Backup doesn't have anything to do with it, based on the numerous posts, it appears that people are having this problem out of the box.
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    Thanks- I know about the general "delay" problem, but I'm talking completely unusable (when it happens). It stays on "Please wait" (for at least a minute).

    Interestingly, I CAN then switch to another program. At other times, I just get the white screen when going to Blazer (rather than Please wait), followed several seconds later by a reset. After a reset, Blazer then works fine.... for awhile until it doesn't again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by morningstar1844
    Ditto on the next post; Resco works very well.
    Can it restore individual files?
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    Backupman (from ##377#) would crash my phone randomly during the day even though i wasn't using it. This would during the day, nowhere near the scheduled late night backup time. I got rid of it and it stopped crashing.
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    ^Backupman 1.55 works flawlessly for me.
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    Scheduled backups with the new (2.x) version of Backupman were getting hung up when Keyguard was on. I e-mailed the company, and it turns out that the problem is the option of the abort dialogue. He told me that if I turn that off, scheduled bacckups will work just fine. We'll see tonight!
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    I like backupman - easy to use and it works - I used it to backup after a hard reset and everything restored except volumecare
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    I've been using BackupBuddy VFS for years and it has never let me down.
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    Quote Originally Posted by irabren
    I like backupman - easy to use and it works - I used it to backup after a hard reset and everything restored except volumecare
    I really like backupman as well, my only issue is that even the latest version doesn't restore java
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    I am a big fan of Backupman. It has saved my bacon several times. I also use Bluesync to back up my SD card to my computer when I sync. I have never had an issue with losing data on an SD card or losing a card but it gives me some peace of mind. Doubly so because it also creates backups of my Backupman backups on my PC.
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    If you have a card reader in the puter - you can backup the sd card to the puter. Then if you need to change or lose sd card - you can restore the sd card from the puter.
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    True, but I like everything being automated. Backupman runs every night at 3:00am and Bluesync runs with a sync once per week.
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    NVBackup 1.12 no problem thus far. knock on wood.
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    Does anyone else use Tealbackup? My success rate with it has been fairly decent, but I have yet to hear of many others using it.
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    I like Backupman, but if it doesn't back up the Java environment, which back up program out there does today?
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    a week ago I dumped backupman ver 2.x for NVbackup and so far no issues, I have restored from both and NV does a better job esp with dupl rom files (eg teather hack)
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    Quote Originally Posted by NRG
    Can it restore individual files?

    It works very well at restoring individual or groups of files. Gives you a screen of all files before restore and you can pick and choose or leave all in place.


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    Quote Originally Posted by mervynle
    Has anybody resolved the issue of the error with trusted bluetooth device? I cannot do a scheduled unattended backup.
    Didn't see a solution to this posted other than turning off BT. Here is an alternative. Go to advanced, 'Select All' for backup, then deselect the file that is causing you problems. That will take care of it. The application will 'remember' this setting. In addition, in Prefs-Schedule, select 'My Set' to properly automate the task.
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