View Poll Results: Does your 700P have a light brown or orange tint / hue?

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  • Yes and I'm going to call Palm to get it exchanged.

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    Ok, a few of us have already noticed that the 700P's screen is a little dimmer or has a light brownish / orange-ish tint. Does anyone else notice this?

    Are you going to try to exchange for another 700P?
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    Also, if you have voted or do vote, list what carrier your 700P is with.
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    as with the 650's, I am sure there will be many different shades of lcd brightness.

    fortunately, mine is a good unit.

    ---my keyboard lighting is a bit weak though..
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    I noticed that out of the box the brightness setting was defaulted to less than halfway... after turning mine up a bit, i was very happy with the result
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    I usually keep my brightness level one d-pad press to the right of completely off. When I put my 700P and 650 side-by-side (did this in complete darkness) at this brightness level and all other levels, the tint on the 700P is noticeable. I wonder if Palm would let me exchange for another 700P. OTOH, I risk getting one with dead pixel(s).
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    My Verizon 700P has an exceptional display
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    Now that you mention it, yeah the color is different. I'm with sprint. I'm going to keep it because the white and black seems truer to me. Now my old 650 looks too grey/blue by comparison
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    Ok, I guess I just need to adjust to the 700P's screen. Finally took off the plastic film that it came with and applied a Boxwave Cleartouch Crystal and it looks good.
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    Quote Originally Posted by IsLNdbOi
    Ok, I guess I just need to adjust to the 700P's screen. Finally took off the plastic film that it came with and applied a Boxwave Cleartouch Crystal and it looks good.
    Yeah, do not judge the screen with the default plastic, it makes it look much darker than it actually is.
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    I suck at applying screen protectors. I had two Boxwave Crystals when I got this 700P. After taking the film off of the screen, I tried to put on one of the Crystals and totally botched it up, so I had to use the last one which went on ok (still a spot of dust or two underneath the protector). Good thing I didn't try applying my Invisible Shield screen protector. That would have been a nightmare.
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    Ok, so it looks like this tint is the norm for the 700P <Treo 650 screen brighter or more white?>

    I guess those who voted in this poll and chose the first option, never owned a 650 or don't have one to compare to now.
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    I just picked up a hardware "B" Treo 650, and noticed it is nearly impossible to read in the sunlight and has flickering bands at time. Perhaps Palm made the decision to "clock down" the video and it has some bad effects?
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    I have a Sprint 700 and I noticed the color was different from my 650 but not bad or anything. I can't really pinpoint the color difference but when I put them side-by-side the hue is a little different. I have noticed though that it seems like it takes the 700 screen a second to warm up or something. When I first turn the screen on when it's been off for a while, it looks gauzy for a sec but clears it up pretty quickly, anyone else notice this?
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    Well, I couldn't stand looking at that orange-ish tint so I called Palm and have a new one on the way. They are doing a cross-shipment where they charge my card for the new one and then give me a refund when they receive my first one. If the new one has a tint as well, then I'll live with it.
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    I put mine up next to my wife's 650 and my 700p is brighter than her 650 but mine has a slight hint of yellow....... only noticeable when its next to the 650.... no biggie
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    Please keep us posted as to the status of the new 700p. Please compare the new one to the 700p you already have AND the 650.
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    Sure, I'll keep this updated. Unfortunately, I shipped my 650 off yesterday to the person who bought it, BUT I know how its screen looked.
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    My 650 is more blue, and the 700 is more red. No big deal. I remember some people saying treo screens on the 650 would differ some yellowish and others say blue.
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    I prefer the blue-ish tint and looking at my 700P's orange-ish tint made my eyes hurt.
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    My 700 also has a darker brownish tint vs. my very bright blueish 650 display. I agree with does make your eyes kinda hurt. Well atleast mine.
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