View Poll Results: Does your 700P have a light brown or orange tint / hue?

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  • No, I got a good one.

    40 63.49%
  • Yes, but I'll live with it.

    19 30.16%
  • Yes and I'm going to call Palm to get it exchanged.

    4 6.35%
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    iLnDbOi...can you provide some pics please? I'd like to get mine exchanged also. what about the camera? is the new one better in darker environment?
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    I've noticed the reddish tint compared to my Treo 650. I also kept thinking I was seeing a lower resolution screen -- i.e., seeing scan lines. I was just seeing it intermittently (or thought I did)...then I figured it out.

    When I turn on my 700p for a brief moment (maybe a tenth of a second or less) it looks like only half the scan lines are working (I can see the scan lines). And then it's normal, hi-res. If you go to your dialpad (main phone screen), turn off your 700p for a few seconds, and then turn it on, do you see what looks like a lower-res screen for a fraction of a second? Or am I alone on this?
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    just like the 650, warr date 5/8/06
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    ok folks..another confirmation. just received my 2nd 700 on another line and sure enough this has a bluish tint and looks like my 650. Camera is the same however in low light..oh happy for now
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    to add

    warranty date: 05-13-2006
    sprint 1.08

    darker treo
    warranty date 05-11-2006
    sprint 1.08
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