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    That is a good increase. I don't use BT myself and I also tried the wireless keyboard driver avenue and I did everything right also, but didn't see an increase so I dumped it. I use my phone moderately and the same with data and I can get a full two days out of my phone but nothing more and definitely less if I bump my moderation up I end up getting a day and a half. All in all...I can get thru a whole work day, so I just set her on the charger every night before bed so she's ready for the next day.
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    yeah for me the main thing is to last one working day so I don't have to worry I don't need it to last 3 - 4 days ( eventhough would be nice ) I have charger everywhere ( home, office, car, in my laptop bag so as long as I get to place that have outlet I should be fine) maybe I should grab myself an extended battery.
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    An extended battery in my next bet. I hear good reviews and not so good on the extended battery option, but as with other applications...I will try it out myself since I do not use my phone the same way as others and these issues become pure speculation IMO.
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    I think each and everyone of us has different use of our treo so whatever make you happy then you should go for it. As for myself I have no complaint if my battery last for whole day but to some other its an issue to them. I bought my GF 650 and now upgrade to 700 for her and she has never complaint about it but all she use is reading the web, she think it's a coolest invention ever to have a device that can take the internet with you in your pocket (or purse in her case) eventhough battery life is not that good, reset on her occasionally but she love that thing. lol so I guess whatever work for you and make you happy.
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    So we have somehwat an agreement that BT and Web are culprits here? I do believe this is a Palm OS issue, in that sense Windows Mobile has better power management capabilities. That's why the 700w could appear in principle to work better (battery wise) than the 700p.
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    A definite agreement, but I have never thought anything different, so Its not an agreement that came to terms.
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