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    I have a file on my card via a card reader, name bbmcall.mp3

    I open ptunes and add it to my playlist and then select the playlist and it shows up in the description as the correct filename, then I can click on that track to listen to it and it will change from bbmcall.mp3 to "Saved phone recording" and then I can't change it back... I'm completely lost as to why or how to keep it from doing it... This is the only file to do it... i even re-downloaded it and started from scratch and named it something different and it does the same thing...

    An addition... I can look it up when adding a song to my playlist and in the lookup on the card folder it says bbmcall.mp3 but as soon as I add it to my playlist it changes to "Saved Phone Recording" no longer called the file name... FRUSTRATING!!!
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    If I am not mistaken, "Saved phone recording" is the name of the song in the ID3 tag.

    You can use an ID3 editor to rename it.

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