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    The new Palm OS:

    Back in the day there was a Palm Pilot. This device and the software on it were developed by one company, Palm Computing (eventually shortened to Palm). After the company started to grow, it started to license its Palm OS software to several other device manufactures for additional revenue streams (since it was such a good OS and really one of the few back in the late 90’s). At this point, the company decided to split. Two companies were created, Palm and its wholly owned subsidiary PalmSource. Palm designed the devices and PalmSource coded the Palm OS.

    Back in 2003 they decided to create a new name, palmOne. This name was used for all Palm devices that featured the Palm OS software.

    Today all of this has changed. This is obvious because we’ve all seen a windows OS on a Palm handheld… what’s up with that?

    Well, now Palm devices can and will run any OS the company decides to burn onto the ROMs. And equally PalmSource can license its Palm OS to any device manufacture, which they have been doing for the past couple years. Anyone ever see the Fossil watch for example?

    Recently, PalmSource was just bought out by a Japanese company called ACCESS. This company develops the NetFront Browser which is used in most NTT DoCoMo phones. And a large part of the company ACCESS is owned by DoCoMo. I think this is a huge step forward for Palm OS primarily because it will now be exposed to Japanese influence. This is HUGE for Palm OS and HUGE for the US smartphone market! As you probably know, the Japanese are the industry leaders for mobile data communications.

    The new course for PalmSource will be working as a wholly owned subsidiary of ACCESS to develop a new Palm OS platform, yes, running off the Linux kernel.

    Hope this clears up some of the history and future of what you’re seeing on your new 700p!
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    Actually not to get nitpiky, but the Palm Pilot was made by US Robotics. I know because I owned a few of the early ones. They were bada$$ then and palms are even more bada$$ now, not to be too much of a fan boy.

    For the dog **** comment, maybe we need palm to put that on the back, but in simplified chinease script, so it will be 133t. I have the Treo 700 type R, definatley tiwaneese knockoff...jk
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    Quote Originally Posted by treoneo
    LOL. Mine actually says "constant resets powered"!!! :-( Damn I am unlucky...
    You're not the only....
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    I'll start by admitting I've never used an Access product before (to my knowledge) but based on what I've read, they sound like a solid company with good products, so it sounds like this should be a good development for Palm OS. At the same time, I would imagine that modifying any OS to the extent they plan to modify the Palm OS will probably result in an immature product for the first few revisions of the OS.

    Personally, I'm expecting the initial release of ALP, or whatever it ends up being called as looking like a leap forward as far as new capabilities and possibilities go, but at the same time there will undoubtedly be many new bugs and other unforseen side-effects that will go along with this. I'm sure many existing applications will fail to function on the OS meaning you have to wait for the authors to either hack them or rewrite them in native code for the new OS. Also it remains to be seen whether the new OS aheres to and improves on the look and feel that made Palm OS what it is today, or whether they end up changing it to the point where it loses it's appeal to the existing user base.

    In short, there are a lot of unknowns here, and I don't necessary know if I agree with the sentiment that moving anything to Linux automatically means it will become magically better. I think Palm's success always had to do with simplicity, ease of use, and the interface that enabled these features. Windows Mobile is a superior OS from a technical standpoint, and yet you still see people sticking to Palm despite its technical short comings. The silver lining in this is that it is happening at a time when Palm OS is in danger of failing due to its recent stagnation, so it in a sense we don't have much to lose as the OS takes this new direction.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ljj8503
    yeah it is,it just wont be "awakened" until the next firmware update,but it'll only work if you place the treo in a "fir" coat and chant the letter "m" while you "ware" it.
    LOL! This is great! I love it.
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    Holly crap who knew these Treo thingys were so cool!
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