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    I just compared my 700P to the 650's screen. I usually have my brightness one press to the right (with the 5-way) of completely off. With this setting on my 700P, the screen looks dimmer and there seems to be a light brown / orange (can't really make it out) tint in the screen. My 650 at this same brightness setting is a little brigher and very white. Does my 700P have a bad screen? When I raise the brightness it seems to get more white and loses some of that strange tint.

    I also do still have that film on the screen that the 700P comes with since I haven't had time to put my Boxwave crystal on yet.
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    My 700p is a little "gray" at that brightness. Not quite as white as my old 650. However, it doesn't have any light brown or orange tint.
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    I noticed that same orangish looking color even at the default brightness setting. As you turn it up it definitely turns whiter.
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    So it's not the film that's originally on there... Still have mine on btw, don't have access to my Boxwave.
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    The 650 screen does seem significantly better. Unless this screen gets much better battery life, I will try to swap screens.

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    That was the first thing I did... put both side by side.

    There is a whiter blue-er tint on the 650 and brighter
    On the 700p it is darker and the tint seems to be red or brown.

    An interesting observation, but dosen't seem to effect much except that I know that I perefered my 650 screen over the 700p.

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    My 700p is a good bit brighter than my 650 but the 650 was whiter/bluer in hue.
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    2000 Man, what color tint / hue does your 700P have?
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    I found that the 650 screen was a bit bluer and the keys brighter than the 700. I think part of the problem is that we're so used to the screen we've been staring at. Once I got to playing with the 700 for a couple of hours I didn't notice anything different at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IsLNdbOi
    2000 Man, what color tint / hue does your 700P have?
    Less blue, more yellow. Not a huge difference.
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    concur, and thanks for this thread I was about to chuck my 700p out of the window because I thought it was a lemon.
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    My 700p has the same brown / orange issue. My wife got hers just a little while ago and hers is perfect (in my eyes) no color issues! I am actually taking mine back today to get a new one. I want to exchange it for a new one. The color difference is really noticable AND ANNOYING. Has anyone that has just recently gotten their 700p see the same screen color issue? or is it just a bad batch?
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    I believe this has to do with different "batches" of screens - maybe from different suppliers or different "temperature" settings (cool/blue - warm/red.) I noticed this first with my 650. I didn't notice a color problem at all till up held it up to my dad's. His was a nice blueish-white. His looked brighter than mine but I prefered my warmer, yellower screen. The colors were truer. I have since had 2 other 650's and a 700 - 1 650 was blue, 1 more yellow, my 700 is more blue. I don't notice it until I hold it up to another one. Kinda like marshmallows. Did you know they put blue dye in marshmallows? (a frustration for me since my son can't have dye :-) ) They do it to make them whiter. My non-blue dyed marshmallows look just fine till you hold them up to a blue one then they look gross. Just some thoughts.
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    The colors seem better on my wifes screen. plus there is a dead pixel on the screen... its not off to the side but rather right in the middle. uhg. I am going to see what the sprint store can do.. my wife is going to bring the LCD Analyzer with her and beam it to the new phone. I will check it before I leave the store to make sure it is ok.
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    I have 2 700s and both have 2 different screens and 2 different keyboard lights. One has blueish screen but the keyboard is not as white. The other has the brownish screen but the keyboard is more blue or more white. So not only are there 2 different screens, but also 2 different keyboard lights. Both are Rev A. One has Warranty of 5-13 (bluish screen). The other 5-11(brownish screen).
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    where did you get the warranty information?
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    my wifes is Rev A Warranty date 5-10. (blueish).
    mine is Rev A Warranty date 5-11 (brownish)

    I am taking mine back today. The color is killing me (plus the screen is giving me other problems). If they will replace it for free without applying the exchange to my insurance I will do it. As long as the new one is like my wifes and passes the LCD Analyzer.

    Any reason why I should not do this?
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    I'm returning my 2nd unit for the same reason, and also because of the camera. Still within my 14 days so I went straight to retension where I purchased it from and they are sending me a NEW one. You shouldn't have to go through lockline for this if it's within 14 days. Actually it should be 30 days return/exchange policy on the phone if it was just an upgrade and not a new contract.
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    When I had my 650 and 700 side by side on the brightest setting, the 650 was definitely brighter than the 700, but like others have stated the colors seem more 'true' on the 700

    i'm exchanging mine because the left side of the keyboard is way way way too mushy...I'm really annoyed with exchanging these things, I musta went through 5 650's
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