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    Okay if this has been covered and I am sorry , but I did a search and nothing came up for the as a Treo newbie , wife has had 650 now I have the 700p - How can I get real music files to work as ring tones ???? is there a tutorial on this ??is it easy ??? Different then on the 650 ?? Not that my wife and I know how to do it on the 650 , but I figured if I learn on the 700 it wouldnt be that difficult to do on the 650 for her ...Help me become a hero all over again to her

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    ringo pro
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    To use an Mp3 that's already in your collection, you need to download a program such as Ringo. If you downloaded mp3 ringtones from a site and that site keeps them in a "locker" you can go and download them on your Treo. I have an account with and I logged in thru my 700 and downloaded all of the ringtones that I previously had on my Samsung.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Merlyn_3D
    ringo pro

    But, I've noticed that after you end an incoming call, the MP3 starts playing again for 3-5 seconds. Annoying. Makes you think another call is coming in. Then stops by itself.
    Had that on the 650 also, but only for about a second.
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    Is it better as MP3 or Wav ???? im looking for the easiest way to do this ...Thanks everyone
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    Try Lightwav Pro. Many reviews negative and positive have been written here. It comes with a trial version, so try it and if it's not compatible w/ your Treo, ditch it. It enables you to use individual MP3s for separate callers or groups of callers, as well as to have a jpg or a video play when a caller calls.

    I'm not schilling for them; it just works perfectly on my 700 and Danny has been more than accomodating in helping troubled users in the past.

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