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    I'm calling to activate my palm puchased phone with Sprint, and they're telling me that while Sprint puchased phones can be activated now, palm purchased phones cannot until June 1st, because the ESN isn't in the system...

    Anyone else heard this? Any advice?

    Larry Z.
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    You know, I'm hearing other craziness from sprint reps. I'd just call someone else or get switched to retentions til it gets resolved.

    I was told earlier by one rep that the 700 had gone to being backordered...
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    I called and activated my Palm purchased Sprint phone today. They'll do it. Everyone else on here has done it. Once I gave them the esn # she was like, "oh wow a 700p" It took me almost 4 hours to get activated, others on here happened in minutes. Call back.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    Thanks Jimmy - I am standing on the moron line today. It's been about 90 minutes, and they're just now telling me that they MIGHT be able to activate it...

    UPDATED: He's stuck on the MSID number, not knowing how to give it to me.

    UPDATED AGAIN: Okay - I suggested using my phone number and he said, "try it." It worked.

    This is absolutely the worst activation experience I've had - total phone time almost 2 hours. First they said that no Palm phones would be in the system until June 1st, then I discovered that they mis-entered my ESN. Once I got them to enter it correctly the phone magically appeared in their system. Then there was the guy who didn't know how to program the phone - and he was a "Treo Specialst SUPERVISOR." Good grief.

    I'm up and running now. Here's a toast to all you other early adopters out there going through the same thing...

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    That's me in the photo - you can check out my kung fu school at

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