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    Anyone have problems formating a 1 GB card on the 700?
    I formated a 512 with no problem, but when I took the 1 GB card from my 650 and reformatted it on the 700 it just locks up.

    Also, I seem to be running Missing sync on the Mac with no problems so far if anyone is interested. So that seems to be ok.

    Gonna try Volumecare next and hopefully there will be no problems.

    Posted earlier: Are the Red & Green phone keys supposed to be very dimly lit?? That is frustrating for me. The other keys light-up nice and bright but not those two keys.
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    I'm having the same problem with the Sandisk 1 gig card. Works fine in my Treo 650. Any ideas?
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    Wouldn't work on my 650 either.

    1. Try formatting via Card Export II - it worked for me but went south 3 days later.

    2. Try formatting in PC Card Reader - still working after 10 months
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    Good idea...I'll give that a try tonight. I have 3 other people in our office all having the same problem. Card works fine on our Treo 650, but locks up formatting on the 700p. Any other ideas.


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