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    Thanks to you guys, I feel like a hustler, you all gave me the serial number to allow for a cheap 600 and now in time for my next upgrade I get this...

    I called Sprint retentions with the fact that I could cancel my service for $150 and start a new service under Verizon and still pay less than the Sprint 700 for $679 (and I am eligible for a $150 discount).
    So here is what happened:
    "Angel" spent a couple minutes researching my claim that Verizon was in fact cheaper she then told me that she would use my $150 discount (bringing it to $529) then she would credit my account $130 if I go to a Sprint store and buy it for $529. 
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    I was able to get mine for $429 instant but I just have to wait for the phone to be delivered. Tax killed me though since they tax you off the $679 retail price. I can't wait to get it. Congrats on your deal.
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    I got a similar deal through retentions. Maybe the title should mention something about "current customers out of contract."
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    Quote Originally Posted by bmacfarland
    I got a similar deal through retentions. Maybe the title should mention something about "current customers out of contract."
    it is not only out of contract. that is why he said: "I could cancel for $150." this refers to his etf.

    $399 seems to be the price for people about one year into contract. it is lower if you are out of contract.

    OP correct me if I am wrong but you have had a phone for two years but restarted your contract for another reason
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    Does Verizon have a retentions?
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    yeah I forgot to mention I just got into another contract in december to get the 10% loyalty discount.

    so the price was an "in contract" current customer
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    Before I was transferred to retentions, I was offered on $75.00 off because I had my 650 for only 14 months. I explained this 650 replaced a 600 under the best buy warranty but no dice. I was transferred to retentions after I was upset at the csr's attitutide. She gave me the phone for $399.00 with a 2yr agreement and instant rebates. Also a 20% loyalty discount with my 15% coporate discount plus unlimited text and night and weekends starting at 6pm. Was told power vision for $25.00 with 1st month free. Before 1st month was up, to call back and will be retain the free original vision with my old plan. Current play since 2002: $100.00 with free vision and unlimited text. 2000 shared minutes. 15% corporate discount.
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    $299 here buds!
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    Were you out of contract?
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    $450 was the best I could get with the one sprint retention rep I spoke to. I passed and will try again some other time. She wasn't sure about the data side of my plan if I got the 700p but thought it was around $20 a month. BTW, I'm 18 months into my 2yr contract and have been with sprint since october 99.
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    Am I the only one that feels somewhat guilty always trying to find a deal, go through retentions, etc, etc? I just bought my 700p over the phone and only took the $75 service credit for having my last phone for 12 months (or whatever it was).

    It seems somewhat shady to continually call Sprint, threaten to cancel, only to try to get a better price. Knowing the difference between their plan prices, if I were a Sprint rep, I'd say go ahead, transfer to Verizon.

    I guess its just me, I dunno.
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    Well thanks to yall. I told them I was cancelling and was sent to retentions. I bought a 650 7 months ago, so am still in contract less than a year. I have a family plan, 2000 mins 9pm nights, free txt and vison., etc at $110. Been with Sprint since 1998. Also have a corp disc of 25% already on plan.

    So aafter 45 mins and telling them I am going to VZ, I get a the new Treo 700p for $349.00 could not get it at store, they are UPS me the phone this week and billing my account. I get 2200 mins, 7pm nights , free txt msg on my phone and wifes for 2 yrs, $15 dredit on Power vison, and 20% disc. on top of all that. So I get the phone for $349, plus get more mins and my monthly bill goes down, cant beat that I figured, so I took the deal. I ended up paying less for the 700 then the 650.

    Thanks for the advice on retentions yall saved me alot of $$$$
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    Yesterday I ordered the $584.00 deal, shipped today, should have it tomorrow (via FedEX tracking number).

    Now that I saw this thread I checked and noticed I only qualify for the $75.00 rebate, not the larger $150.00 deal.

    I called *2, said "cancel" and after about 15 minutes of on hold spoke to a male who I told I wanted to cancel as I wanted a 700p and noticed it's $399 on Verizon but $429.00 on Sprint web site(s).

    He tried to tell me there are different "technologies" and Verizon's phone wouldn't work on Sprint. Then he reminded me that Verizon charges more for data so I would end up paying "much more" in the long run. I then asked what he could do as canceling would only cost $150.00 (per the advice in this thread) and I could still pick up either unit (mentioned above) for less than Sprint wanted for retail!! (again advice from this thread).


    He credited my account $200.00 (including my $75.00 qualified rebate) which effectively brought the unit down to $479.00. Not the worst deal; I didn't want to push it anymore. It does beat the unit I bought for $584.00 though!!

    HMMM, I just thought of something... After he applied my credits and set up the shipping address he then asked for my credit card number to directly charge the phone. I gave it to him. He said "ok the charge for $479.00 went through". So, that's all I paid AFTER he gave me the $200.00 credit... Assuming they don't catch on the unit will have cost a net $279.00!! I can only hope.
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    I guess I'm totally alone on this one here. Geez.
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    Feel free to make fun of me, but I also feel bad calling and acting like I'm canceling when I'm not actually considering it.

    I called and told them I was out of contract and wanted to know what I could get for signing a new contract. I told them I was interested in a Treo 700p but wanted to order it from Palm (a little lie, since I had the Palm-ordered 700p sitting on my desk, but nothing major). They offered me $200 and a 5% monthly discount with very little hassle. I also actually do plan on trying to write some Palm software this summer, so I think my $349 was fair.
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    Must be a Balt-DC metro area thing. I live in the baltimore area.

    I'm tempted to call retentions and ask for a credit to my account, but I feel too dishonest. Maybe I'll just try to get a better deal on the plan when I activate, since I have been with Sprint since the first day I bought a phone.
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    I just ordered mine through retentions... I couldn't wait another week... they gave it to me for 349.00 with tax and shipping included. So, now to sell my 650...

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    I am on the phone to Account Services and the price is 399.99. I don't believe it. Not a lot of haggling. She offered 250. off.
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    So, I had bought a A940 back at the beginning of Nov when it first came out. Should I try contacting retention to try to get the 700P?

    How many of you are still currently under contract and how long do you have until it is up?

    Mine contract is up 11/2007
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    Just logged into my Sprint account via website. I noticed a payment of $479.99 (as I was told by the rep was charged to my credit card) and a credit of $125.00 (he said a $200.00 credit would be applied). End result if things stay as they appear tonight is a net charge of $354.99 for the 700p.
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