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    ...or what have you to become available at the end of the year. Who knows if Cingular's network will support HSDPA by then?

    I read about this New Jersey startup that's created a trading marketplace for existing phone plan contracts CellTradeUsa, the address is naturally

    I read about this on engadget; anyone have or heard any experience with this?

    I apologize to the mods; I couldn't figure out where best to post this.
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    Cingular already supports HSDPA, but in a very limited number of markets. Not sure if there are any actual phones out there that they offer, but apparently the network is being built out. There are some rumors that there may be a GSM/HSDPA 700P in several months, but if you live in an area that's not a major market or you do lots of traveling, you might not be able to use the higher speeds for a while. Tmobile apparently won't have HSDPA until some time next year...

    As for CellTradeUSA, yes, I've heard of it. I've heard people talk about using it successfully. I think, though, that doing this and porting your number is a bit of a challenge, although I think some have done that too...
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    Actually, I have spoken to a knowledgeable (you decide if that's a good thing) T-Mobile person who says that they will have HSDPA in some markets by the end of the year. Take it for what it's worth. I too will have a hard time waiting six or seven months for a GSM Treo 700p.

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    1. It's been reported here that Cingular will NOT be offering the 700p or w....that's straight from Cingular major account reps. Of course that doesn't mean they can't chnage their minds but they are reporting that they are skipping the 700 and going straight to the next model.

    2. Cingular's network alreday supports HSDPA 3.6 . The last independent comparative review / survey was done in january with the following MMA's (major market areas) having been independently verified as "covered".

    Carrier - Claimed (verified)

    Verizon - 180 (60)
    Sprint - 150 (45)
    Cingular - ?? (20)

    If we figure that they have actual "full coverage" in 1/3 of the "claimed" areas then Verizon claiming 200 and Sprint 220 works out to about 67 and 73 MMA's with full coverage. As of March 1, Cingular had 51. All carriers promise 90+% coverage by year's end.

    Check all the titles in the 700p section with GSM in the title, youll see this topic covered several times:

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