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    After a month of using my Cingular 650 (I switched from Sprint), I just noticed that Butler doesn't seem to catch the voicemail notification any more.

    With Sprint, Butler could change the color of the LED when there was an unheard voicemail. With Cingular, it doesn't seem to work. The documentation says the feature works "with some networks". Is Cingular not one it works with? If not, is there some other way to know there's a voicemail pending without having to turn on the phone?

    (I've been missing a lot of important business calls because of this, really not good.)

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    Do you get the little tape spool symbol when there's a VM? Not all networks activate this feature, and I think this is what Butler needs to trigger the LED color.
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    Yes, got the tape spool.

    I rebuilt the Treo from scratch (previously, I had just synched over from my Sprint unit), and now it seems to be working right.

    So, another "who knows"...
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    Still having a problem - if someone calls while I'm out of the coverage area, it goes right to Voicemail. Later, when I'm back in the coverage area, I get a VM notification, but Butler does not change the color of the LED. It seems that Butler will only change the LED if it sees the phone rings.

    The problem is, I don't know I've been out of the coverage area, and so I don't think to check for VMs. Does anyone know of an app that will send me an SMS or provide some other persistent notification?

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    I also switched from a Sprint 650 where Butler was working fine to a Cingular 650 where Butler does not "catch" voicemails. Anybody have a fix yet?

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    I like TreoAlarm. It is a notification program thet will nag you if you missed something.
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    The VM LED notification feature in CallFilter works to my knowledge, 3.2 beta 1 or something...some folks have lots of issues with the program however
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