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    When you guys called CS, did they make you enter anything into the phone? Can someone confirm that their MSID and everythign transferred over automatically?

    The rep didn't tell me anything about entering in new numbers, so i don't know if i need to do something to activate the phone part of my Treo.

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    They had me enter my existing phone number into both spots (phone & MSID).
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    I also had to enter my phone # in both spots. It took almost 4 hoursfor it to work.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    Well, how did you enter it? where to I go to enter the msid?

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    I don't remember the code but it was ## then numbers then pound.
    Then the screen comes up and you enter your phone number with area code twice, both lines hit save, then it came up, congrats...your phone has been successfully activated!
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    you press edit, then you simple type it in, replacing the 0000000s
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    I had to do it twice to get it right. Not sure what happened the first time, but after calling back second time and re-entering the numbers the phone started working immediately. I was on Blazer within 5 minutes also.
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    The code ##??????# is based upon the ESN of each phone. The MSID is not always the phone number. My corporate accounts in Dallas and LA typically have different MSIDs from the phone numbers.
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    do you happen to know which part of the ESN I use to enter the ## code?
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    Quote Originally Posted by SailRace
    do you happen to know which part of the ESN I use to enter the ## code?
    you enter the msl, which sprint creates based on the esn of the phone. You have to call up sprint to do an esn swap and they will give you the 6 digit msl
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    In the first field I had to enter my phone number. In the second field it was a different phone number, but the same area code as mine.
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    Got it...finally. I had my MSL from the talk with CS. They just never told me what to do with it.

    GOt it sorted out, and phone is working great now.


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