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    I just called in and "supposebly" got my plan switched over to the SERO account and I'm a current Sprint customer with little over a year left in the plan..... not only that, I was in a family plan. She told me that it was gonna start up at midnight, Both of my lines were on the 500 min/$30 plan, and that I was getting all the included amminities. But when I called back about 10 mins after I got off the phone to see what kind of plan I had, the rep told me I had a fair and flexible plan still. Then I asked her if there's any notice that it was going to be switched over at midnight she said not that she can see.......


    I had the lady repeat to me 3 times that she was switching me to the SERO plan and tell me what was offered in it. Well she did say it would switch over at 12:00 tonight, but wouldn't it show something saying that it was gonna change over? Wouldnt there be some kind of note? Or am I just being impatient?
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    Dear Jesus,


    Bless you, amen.
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