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    Is anyone else having problems with accessories that worked on your 650 not working on the 700. Specifically I had just purchased a Seidio 2-in-1 Earbuds for Treo 650 from TC. I never used them on the 650 but just tried them on my new 700 and they don't work. Sound only comes out of one earbud. The headset that came with the 700 works fine as does a headphone adapter that used to work on my 650.

    I guess I'll return to TC the new Seidio set I purchased, but I'm wondering if it is just a problem with this specific headphone set or with all of that model.
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    I have the same problem... I want to hear my mp3s in stereo but the 700's phone plug seems to be picky or something. The free stereo headphones it came with work fine, but I tried a Jabra C220 and a Earglove Stereo Sport and I only get sound out of one ear and the answer button doesn't work either.

    Anybody know of a stereo headset that works with the 700p?
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    i have same problem with the samsung set that came with the blade.
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    I have the same problem with a new Plantronics MX100s stereo headset that I just bought.

    Sound out of only one ear.

    Any one know a good Stereo headset that works on the 700p without an adapter.


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