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    I may have dodged a bullet, but I called the Buisness number at Sprint (888-788-4727) hit option '5' and spoke with a person that had been activating 700p's all day. 2 minutes later i hung up the phone. 10 seconds after that i recieved a text message on the new device. I hope everyone's switch over is as smooth as this.
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    It took the rep about 20 minutes to figure out everything, but yes 1 minute later I was surfing and calling!
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    I just got off the phone with Sprint, it took 41 minutes to activate the phone. However they gave me a temporary number since they had trouble porting my Verizon number over at this time. I'm a little worried since the rep I spoke to didn't exactly instill confidence. This could get interesting.
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    mine was literally 60 seconds or less as well

    --went through business customer care

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