Hi All,

I understand that there has been some recent panic over a bad batch of ESN from the JFK Store. Please do not worry. Palm was just notified of this problem and realizes that this is a Sprint issue. The batch of bad ESN number will be active in the next couple of days.

If anyone has already purchased any bad ESN phones from any of the Palm stores located in any of the airports, please contact me directly at 718.917.0670 or email me directly at kent.diep@airportwireless.com and I will try my best to accomodate your situation. For the record, mostly everyone who've purchased the supposed bad batch has already been assisted with and they are currently using functioning 700P. We apologize for this very frustrating experience and the inconvenience needed just to get your phone working. I hope that you guys can understand and hang in patiently for the next few days while Sprint resolves this matters.

On another front, we are offering a special free overnight promotion of the 700P's. For those who are not aware, we are offering a special deal for new Sprint customers. If you choose to sign up a two year contract, you will get a $150 credit on your first billing statement and $75 off if you decide on a one year. This is considered by many to be better than a mail-in rebate as that can take up to a year by Sprint, Verizon, or Cingular. Please call me directly or email me directly for anymore questions.

So please do not panick as this situation is currently being rectified and will be resolved as early as tomorrow. Again, thanks for your understanding.