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    Ok! My friend has a phone that when you call him, instead of hearing the standard ringing the caller gets when waiting for someone to pickup the phone, the caller will hear a song, whether it is a mp3 or wav file that my friend decided to use. He doesn't have a Treo. He has a Samsung SGH-E635 from T-Mobile I believe.

    I'm wondering if there is a program or a way that I could do this with my 650. Last night I took Paula Deanda's 'Doing too Much' mp3, which I loveee by the way, and converted it to a wav file, sent it as an attachment via email, checked my email from the 650, saved the attachment to 'Sounds' folder and I'm now using 'Doing too Much' as my ringtone. Very cool. But I now would like to use this song so that when callers wait for me to pickup the phone, they will be able to hear 'Doing too Much'.
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    These are called Call Tones and are something you must get through your provider...they'll charge you a few bucks a month for it. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    Its not a treo or phone specific feature. Its a carrier thing.

    Tmobile offers the service for 1.50/month (plus like 2 bucks a song to add to your "rotation") and its called "caller tunes."

    I'm not sure if Cingular/VZ/Sprint offer something similar but for tmobile its kinda cool. .....if your callers are expecting it, or they MAY hang up.

    Here's the service on their website:
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    I think it's something you can pay Sprint for and they do it on their end, does not matter what phone you have.
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    On VZW:
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    Thanks everyone. I figured it was network feature. I checked Cingular's site and they do offer what they call Answer Tones, which is what I'm looking for. However, I haven't read anything on the site about using my own song. But I figure that they won't let you do that b/c they want you to pay them a 1.99 for the song and .99 per month for the service. On top of that the ringtone has an expiration date, so you have to repurchase it whenever the expiration date comes. They don't have the song I want, which makes it easier to say no for now.
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