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    About once a day, the screen of my Cingular 650 goes white, the keyboard lights turn on, and the phone stops responding to any button or key push. The only way to get its attention again is to do a reset.

    This seems to happen most often when I press one of the hardware keys - calendar, mail, home. Today it happened while I was on a call, even though I hadn't pushed any buttons. After I reset, I got the "voicemail" waiting message - it was for a call that came in yesterday and apparently hadn't ever registered on the phone.

    Funny thing is, the phone doesn't see the event as a crash. If I do #*377, the last crash it remembers happened two or three weeks ago.

    Any ideas?

    Firmware: 01.51
    Software: Treo650-1b.17-CNG
    Hardware: B
    3rd Party Applications:
    - DatebBk5 V-5.4a,s5
    - Chatter
    - TreoHelper 0.70
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    Mine started doing this to me after I installed chatter. I just wait a minute and use a button press to go to an application.
    Mike G

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