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    Ok, nobody's touched on this yet. Remember on the 650 if you were on a call and you got another call via call waiting, but when you ended one of the calls both calls would still be showing on the screen even tho you only had one that was active? Did they fix that annoyance with the 700p?
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    THAT'S what I'm dying to know!
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    Nope ... same behavior as my Treo 600. If the first caller hangs up the 700p keeps counting minutes even though the call is terminated.
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    That sux!
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    What about 3 way calling, did they fix that?
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    3 way calling works the same as my 600 .... (go to phone screen, dial another call, "are you sure you want to dial another call?")

    The phone app appears *almost* identical to the 600 or the 650s I've seen.
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    Who do we have to complain to about this? Palm? Sprint? Why can't call waiting and 3-way calling work the same on our Treos as it does for phones that cost a fraction of the price we paid?
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    Exactly .... It would have to be Palm, they developed the app. BTW, the 700w IMHO is far worse in it's own way. I was so happy hard reset my 700w today and get it ready for eBay!
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    I can't believe they haven't fixed this yet!
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    From what I understand it's actually a limitation of the Sprint network, Verizon does not have the same issues.
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    Maybe I'm not 100% clear on what issue/behavior we're talking about. However, my Verizon Treo 700p acts just like my Verizon Treo 600 when it comes to call waiting and 3-way calling. I've seen the same issue with a co-workers Cingular 650.

    Which "feature" are we talking about?
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    This is all I could find; it's in the 700p manual.

    "When you answer a second call and then select the "Hang Up All" button, it ends both calls. In this situation, if the first caller has not yet hung up the phone, the Nationwide Sprint PCS Network automatically redials your number from the first caller's number and you see an incoming call alert. You can answer to continue your call with the first caller."
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    Did a quick search and didn't find an answer (have my 6 yr old son with me and didn't have a lot of time). Has anyone been able to get call waiting working properly the way it's stated in the manual, where selecting "Hang Up All" will cause the Sprint PCS Network to dial into your phone with the first call and you can continue the conversation. Anytime I've tried this both calls are disconnected and I have to call them back.

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    my experience is that while both calls appear to be disconnected,the first caller does not know this.if you wait(maybe 5 seconds)your phone will ring and it will say "unkown caller".when you answer it,its the first caller and he just thinks he was on hold.its confusing,but it works ok once you get used to it.the one thing that i still cant really get to work right is the ability to go back and forth from one caller to the other.the swap button doesnt really seem to work right.this is the exact same way that things worked on my treo 600.nothing appears to have been changed or updated.I am on verizon
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    On Sprint, the phone never rings back with the first caller, for me anyway.
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    On Sprint for me it also calls back the first caller. It is something that we complained about for years, since the 300...... I don't know why they can't get it right...
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    There is a "Flash Mode" you can get into by pressing the green button during a call in progress. Pretty much disregards the CW/3W features of your phone and lets you operate them manually, as you would in the days before the phones got "too smart" -- you basically use it like you would to answer CW and make 3W calls the same way you would on the landline. The green button works just like the hook on your landline. Click it to switch between calls for CW and to initiate a 3W, click it to get a quick dialtone, dial your call, hit the green button, party answers, hit green button, all calls are connected, hit green button to disconnect 3rd caller, hit green button to add another 3rd party...etc....

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    Using Call Waiting is not my dilema, it's the fact that doing what the sprint manual states to do to hang up on the 2nd caller and continue conversing with the first caller doesn't work. Manual says to hang up all and the Sprint PCS network will call you back with the first caller so you can continue conversing (first caller does not get disconnected). However, when I hang up all, and wait for my phone to ring to continue talking to the first caller, nothing ever happens. Both parties are hung up on and I have to call the first caller back to continues conversing.
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    wow!!!!!!!!!!!! never knew about this flash mode!!! i have had this phone since the day it came out and just assumed that call waiting had the same problems and weird workaround as my 600 did.This flash mode is exactly the way it should work...just like any other cel phone.Thanks for the never ceases to amaze me the great info i learn on these boards!
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