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    Well...palm sent me a free coaster along with my 700p. The Palm desktop install cd that came with the 700 didn't work (and believe me...I tried it in all 4 machines I have in my house). So after an expletive-filled tirade, I decided to poke around the website to see if I could find a download. Unfortunately, the 'support' section of showed that the web download for the 700p wasn't available yet. *insert crying here*

    BUT...if you are a member of the PluggedIn developer network, there IS a copy of the Treo 700p Palm Desktop in the developer downloads section.

    So if you got a free coaster (non-working palm desktop cd) from palm, just download it from the pluggedin download section.

    edit: Click Here for a direct link. You have to be signed in to PluggedIn for the link to work.

    p.s. I'm still gonna call palm customer service and give them an earful.
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    Another solution if you have access to an older operating system...

    I had the same problem on my Windows XP machine. Tried the CD on an older Windows 2000 machine and it worked fine. Burned a copy of the disc on this older machine and voila, the copy works perfectly on the XP machine.

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