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    I've got a Cingular Treo 650, 1.51 firmware, 1.17 CNG software.

    I currently use a Jabra JX10 headset.

    My Treo resets after begin downloading any amount of data in Blazer. After a reset, Blazer works fine until time passes and I try to use Blazer again.

    I've found that consistently after a reset, my Treo will not communicate with a bluetooth headset. The pair remains, but the headset will not pick up incoming calls, nor will it activate on outgoing calls. I quickly run the pairing wizard, and all is well again until the next reset. Granted, it takes all of 7 seconds to do the repairing process, but it's still a hassle. More importantly, there are a few times when I'm expecting and needing it to work when it doesn't.

    I've tested the issue is consistent on my Sony HBH-660 and a friend's Treo Wireless Headset.

    After some searches, I saw this thread but it doesn't quite seem to be relavent.

    I've tried clearing the device name cache, and re-enabling it.

    Anyone have any thoughts?
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    I have the same problem with my Jabra 350 I don't have the same problem with the setup in my Jaguar. Have you add significant other pieces of software?
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    Nothing that touches the bluetooth stack.

    I guess no one else has this problem. Which means this will be my 7th return.
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