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    I'm not for sure what all the "negativity" on Verizon was about. I placed an order via websales last week ($399). Fed-Ex just arrived (today is business day #5) and delivered my 700p. Are others having shipping issues with Verizon?
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    I ordered last Monday (22nd) from the "My Business" website and my order hasn't shipped yet. The order status changed from 'new' to 'open' just today. So they're a little behind on mine... probably a good thing I didn't have it before the holiday weekend anyway, plenty of other things to do!
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    I hear you on the holiday weekend, my wife would have killed me. Funny story ... I ordered it last Wednesday. Hadn't seen anything by Friday so I called telesales to follow-up. Held for 15 minutes, then the "Internet Rep" came on the phone and gave me a Fed-Ex tracking number. I'm not for sure if the call to check order status helped, or not....
    Verizon 600, 700w, 700p -> Sprint Centro

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