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    Sorry, this may be a dupe. but when i try to search for 'radio', it is apparent the treo is called a 'radio', too. Yikes.

    anyhow, wondering if it was possible to download an app where i can listen to FM/AM radio. is this even possible?
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    Not possible. You don't have an AM/FM radio in your Treo.

    Though maybe possible if you stream a radio station's internet broadcast onto your TREO but I'm not sure that is even possible.
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    Yes this is possible & has been since the Treo 600. Go to from your Treo & select "internet radio". There you have it! Make sure you have Pocket Tunes Deluxe version installed to play the streaming radio. MOST major radio stations have a simulcast on the net & can be found at shoutcast...

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