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    I told you guys they would come today!

    Mine came today at 12:45 pm!
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    Mine just came. I'm on the phone with the Sprint rep to get it activated. He seems thoroughly confused by this process. I'm also porting my number from Verizon which is making him even more confused. It's been 20 minutes so far. How long does this normally take?
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    sir where r u located? im still waiting it says out for delivery since 8am and its 5:25pm they have till 7pm and then i get PISSED and call them up
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    Got my 700P early this morning. UPS delivered it around 10AM this morning. Called Sprint to get my ESN switched over and it took a couple of minutes. Best thing is that the regular Vision on my SERO plan automatically switched to Power Vision. First thing I did after activating it was to install LCD Analyzer to make sure there were no dead pixels.

    I'm now just waiting for the battery to fully charge.
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    I am on my 3rd rep. She is sending me to the activation dept ? Nice looking phone tho.
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    Just got mine

    I ordered the sero plan on 5/20 with the crappy phone - the sero phone and paperwork has not even arrived yet, but i managed to call in an activate it on my SERO plan and upgrade to power vision as well! It took 4 calls - but i always believe that customer service is all about the right PERSON.

    I've only been playing with it for about an hour or so. EVDO rox0r!!one!! i am getting 383kps in south atlanta. Blazer isnt exactly broadband rendering, but its good enough to make me give up xino...sprint TV is awesome, by brother almost soiled himself when i showed him adult swim OTA. A few things i dont like like the new keyboard layout - but i'm happy overall - loading up chatter and my favorite apps...see you in about 9 hours
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    Wow, came home from swimming at 8pm and my treo was at my doorstep! They must have delivered it after 6pm.. I'm almost don't want to take it out of the plastic wrapper
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    I got my 700p today about 2pm. I didn't get home from work until about 5:30 and swapped the ESN in about 15 minutes (no problems at all). Sprint TV is pretty cool, the internet speed is VERY fast compared to my 650. VERY HAPPY CAMPER SO FAR!
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