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    i assume you are out of contract? Have any of you gotten the PAM added for free to the SERO plan?
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    someone please pm me the number and rep name and sprint email so I can go ahead and get this done

    Thanks, i am tired od chomping at the bit
    There's always next year!
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    what about the $150 trade in credit? Anyone had luck with the additional discount or is that part of getting it for $399 with SERO?
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    the 150 trade in is through palm not sprint, sprint will give you 50 bucks
    There's always next year!
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    I am (was) out of contract. The rep gave me my $150 from my account going the full 2 years, plus another $100 as a "courtesy discount" to make the phone $400. I didn't try with PAM, although thanks for mentioning that as I have to call back to activate the new phone and will inquire about it then.
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    I'm only one year into mine and guess this is what I'll try. I'm not super pleased with it as I'll have to wait until June Fabrics comes out with the new PDANet and I won't be able to add a phone to it later, but it should save some money. Is SERO still doing the unlimited free text messaging? I heard they ended that.
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    nope no unlimited free text
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    Quote Originally Posted by adjmcloon
    Chalk another one up- I just ordered my 700p through retentions and she switched me over to the SERO plan as well. I am keeping my number. When the Treo arrives I will call and activate it- at that point, she says, my plan will switch to SERO with the free power vision. I paid $399 for the phone and it will ship today.

    I'm psyched!

    I just tried to call retention to order the 700p AND get SERO. no-go. Can you PM me or post the name of the rep you talked to?

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    Sorry, I don't remember!
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    Here is my suggestion for new subscribers looking to get the 700P and SERO:

    1) Go to the Inphonics site and sign up for SERO there or call them. Get the free phone.

    2) Once you have the new phone call Sprint and tell them you want a handset exchange for the 700P.

    3) Sprint should send the 700P to you and bill you for the full amount. You then should return the free phone to Sprint for a credit. The credit should be in the range of $180 bringing your total cost of the 700P to $470. Not the best deal but not the worst.

    YMMV....I have no idea what this means to the contract with Inphonics but according to the rep you can have the 700P and SERO with that approach.

    I did not do this but I am a new subscriber with the 700P and SERO. After calling and speaking to a rep, this is what he suggested that I do. Frankly, I'm all for saving money but in my case I would have to go through the above process AND return my 700P to Palm for a refund and then do another ESN swap. For $180, I'll pass and take the bird in the hand. It is sad but the phone calls to Sprint/Palm, trips to UPS/USPS/FedEx/mailroom, etc. are just not worth the effort for me to repair the damage done to my wallet for being impatient.
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    FWIW, it looks like I may be in great shape now. I finally decided to call the regular business number (my two phone lines are active through the business dept due, I think, to the company discount I get through my day job). The first person I spoke with knew what SERO was and told me that my best bet was probably to go through retentions (I'm not currently under contract). So he transferred me there and I then ended up speaking with another knowledgeable and friendly rep. He was happy to switch my two phone lines over to SERO lines and when asked if I could get a new equipment credit, he obliged there as well. In fact, even though I had only purchased the one new phone so far he went ahead and gave me the full $300 (2 x $150) credit on my account right now. I asked if I'd still get my company discount with the SERO plan and he said yes to that as well. I added insurance to my new 700p, so I'm looking at $66/month minus the company discount (I forget the percentage - probably 20% or so). I just hope it all goes through as expected, but he seemed to know what he was doing.

    So I got my 700p for $550 from Palm (developer discount) and get the $150 new equipment credit plus a $30/month SERO plan. Woohoo. And I can upgrade my wife's 600 as well. Hers has been rather flakey, plus I think she'd appreciate the nicer screen of the 650/700p. I'd give her my 650, but it's got problems too (flakey headset jack), so I may splurge and get her a 700p as well.

    As if all that wasn't good enough, I'm hoping I can get AmEx to reimburse me for my 650 due to the bad headset jack as I have free extended warranty coverage through my AmEx business card.

    So if you're not under contract currently, you may want to speak with retentions to see if: a) They'll switch you to SERO, and b) They'll give you a new equipment credit. Then just pay full price from Palm and get it shipped overnight. If you're a 650 owner, you can even send the 650 into Palm and get $150 from them.
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    I spoke to regular telesales yesterday, and I *think* I figured out the best approach for new sprint customers:

    1) Order a phone and plan via the SERO website.

    2) Then call/goto Sprint and tell them that you don't like the handset and ask for a trade. Do this within your trial period (14 days; 30 in CA)

    I confirmed with telesales that as long as you return the original handset in new condition with all the packaging and so forth, you'll still be eligible for the new customer discounts on the replacment handset.

    I'm gonna order the 6700 via the SERO site and then swap it for a 700p at a local store or maybe telesales. I want to make sure that I get the Power Vision. But likely ordering one of the cheaper basic phones via SERO would work too.

    good luck to all.

    Another Q: Does SERO include free roaming, or do I have to add that for $5?
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    Sero includes free roaming
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    What about Power Vision on SERO, Do you get ALL the Sprint TV channels included in their PV Ultimate Plan offered to non SERO customers for $25 a mo?
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    You are not be able to add the PAM to a SERO plan. I don't know this for sure this is what I have heard, but since SERO does have EVDO, you can't have 2 EVDO plans on at the same time and there is no way to remove the EVDO part of SERO and add PAM to it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by awayne
    You are not be able to add the PAM to a SERO plan. I don't know this for sure this is what I have heard, but since SERO does have EVDO, you can't have 2 EVDO plans on at the same time and there is no way to remove the EVDO part of SERO and add PAM to it.
    No need for PAM with the upcoming release of PDANet!
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    What about the MAC users? They can't use PDANet???
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    powervision is free then if you want pv plus its a extra 5.00, then if you want pv Ultimate Pack extra 10
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    First post--been doing my homework on this forum about the 700p + SERO for a few days and wanted to let you know it can be done. I'm not posting this to brag, but to let you know that it's doable w/the right approach.

    First of all, I'm a new customer. My original game plan was to get the 700p as cheap as possible (phone only) and jump on the SERO plan before 06/30, and do an ESN swap--I planned to get the Motorola C290 and leave it unopened. I called telesales a few times, and the first two offers were for $499.99 w/o even discussing a plan. Third time though, first offer off the bat was $399.99 and I decided on the spot to just get it w/the F&F 400 plan and try to get on the SERO plan later. The rep that was helping me told me all I had to do was to phone into Customer Service the next day and let them know what I wanted.

    So naturally, I called CS immediately afterwards and wasn't able to find a helpful person before they closed up shop. The last person I talked to gave me a "Business" number to try, which was closed.

    This morning on the way to work, I gave it a shot and initially she said I would have to wait to activate first and call back (which seems to be the typical response to stall)...I mentioned that the rep that had sold me my phone specifically told me to call back this morning and that it could be taken care of for me. She put me on hold to give it another go and it went through, SERO 1250. (I asked for the "Fair and Flexible 1250 S-E-R-O plan"...a few reps confused the "employee referral" part w/another referral program Sprint seems to be running...)

    Total number of calls, about 11 total...2.5 hrs last night and the 20 min call this morning. Obviously, since you need their help on this to get anywhere (esp w/the switching to SERO part), it would make the most sense to be as cordial and friendly as possible, while at the same time being clear and firm about what you're asking about/for. Beyond that, it looks like it's just a matter of doing the legwork and finding a rep who can help you and is willing to help you. I would have rather bought the Treo 700p w/o a plan and just done a swap...since that's just an ESN swap, but it didn't really work out that way.

    But the phone's backordered, so it's not a completely happy ending.

    I left the number in my car, I'll post the "Business" number later.
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