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    I searched for an answer, but came up dry... and I'm sure this is a dumb question.

    So, I'm upgrading from my 600, and trying to set up my laptop to sync over bluetooth. I've got a Belkin bluetooth adapter, and I've set up the two to be trusted partners, and they see each other, and I've set up Com6 as a service that the laptop will provide to Bluetooth, and hotsync on the laptop to use com6, and hotsync on my 700p to use bluetooth and this trusted device, but once I try to sync, i get "connecting Blue tooth serial port" then "connecting with the desktop" and then an error message "Uanble to initiate hotsync because port is in use by another app"....

    I've also got USB selected, and can sync through the cable fine.

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    FYI, the Belkin has an extra "authorization" step, separate from Trusted that you have to enable.


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